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October 11, 2004

Cousins and visits and things...

Yesterday as you may have reaslied if you read about our phoneline breaking my cousin came to visit - well actaully he was visiting his sister-in-law, and seeing as I live soooo close to her family he visited me too. Also gave me chance to show my cousin-once-removed the delights of the university campus.

After looking around I got invited back to the sister-in-law's to see the rest of my cousins who have been removed once and his sister-in-law and family who I've never met before... that's a lie I probably met her when I went to my cousin's wedding - not that I would be able to remember because I was only young. I forget how young and I don't have the marrige date on my family tree... speaking of which I don't have their youngest on either... and he's eight now. Whoops. I'm sure that can be corrected soon :-)

It's getting all confusing who I'm talking about now, isn't it? The house is a nice little cottage that doesn't seem to have had that much work done to it in the last 50 years! Still got a working creel above the Aga (suppose Gran still has one above her fireplace too) and loads of other random things that you'd expect to find in a cottage, but these don't seem to have been put there as decoration, they look like they have been left there from when they were last used and never removed.

I could talk about the hilarity of trying to get into the house and trying to find the locks to undo on the door, or the door handles falling off most of the downstairs doors. We were sure there were hidden cameras about and someone was taking the mick!

It was great to meet everyone again. We started talking about the family tree, and it really quite strange to think that I, and my cousin, who's now 46, share the same grandparents! Generations are strange things!

I'm sure if he's remembered he'll be finding this site on Google shortly, eeek :-)

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