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October 7, 2004

'ave you seen the colour of my hands?

Clever stuff this spectometer stuff... for people who don't know I'm currently looking at the colour of blood (it's red)

Whilst doing the least scientically valid test ever (well maybe not but it was quite crappy) I held a spectrometer probe into my palm and recorded the results, then I've compared this with the spectrum of oxygenated haemoglobin.

Spectums of me and haemoglobin

Bloody close resemblence I'd say, considering my use of the equipment was crap!

In other related news... I asked my supervisor if there were any modules he thought I should take (need to take 10 credits of techinical modules this year). I expressed an interest in doing the Java module, 'cause I've never had the chance to learn it. 'Great idea', he said, 'cause then you could demostrate it as well'. Hmmm... I was like "you mean demonstrate in the labs I'm meant to be attending as a student"... apparantly so...

I went on the Uni's laser safety course today. That was exciting... we watched a video (of the compulsary 20 years age) where they like used a laser to burst balloons and burn chickens. Scary shit. Oh and apparantly mentally unstable people shouldn't really be using Class III or class IV lasers.

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