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October 7, 2004

Last night 'n' stuff

When we'ed got out of the pool we had got 4 missed calls from Matt. We called him back to see what was so urgent and he'd decided that the household was going out for an impromptu meal in town, apparantly.

Fair enough we thought. After much indecision about where to go we finially picked somewhere. After spending ages ordering I was told that the starter I had ordered I couldn't have :-( So had to pick another.

Then the main meal John had ordered couldn't be done either. Hehe.

When the bill came the waitress told us that she'd taken off my starter or something because of all the confusion. Cool we thought! Upon looking at the bill she'd also omiited our first round of drinks :-) This combined with the fact the she was lovely - John disagrees - apparantly I have a strange taste in women...( I never fancied his fiancée... never...) I digress.... we gave her a huge tip (aiii, very tenous that one), well huge if you think 20% of the bill is huge! Still less than we saved on the whole meal if we hadn't tipped though, so everyone's happy, well maybe apart from her manager.

Then we moved onto Santa Fe to meet Matt's cousin who was celebrating his 21st. He gave us some 2-for-1 vouchers which softened the blow of the expensive cocktails somewhat :)

Then we went to the Pit and Pendulum, where nothing eventful happened, other than some dude and projectile vomit action. Then we went home.

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