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October 6, 2004

Yey, my brand spanking new PC has arrived...

and it's lovely.

Arrived at sometime this morning along with 4 sisters. For some reason muggins here had to assist with the asset numbering and PATting of these. Took waaay too long, crappy packaging.

My desk looked quite smart, what with it's slim TFT display, keyboard and mouse. Then I installed the printer next to it. It's bloody massive! So now I don't really have that much deskspace at all. I think I shall shove it into the corner somewhere - when the previous occupant of my desk has removed all of his crap that is!

I've also taken a cool photo of my hand today with the magically hyperspectral camera. You can like see the spectrum of the haemoglobin and everything. Well cool.

Time to leave, John wants to go swimming.

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