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October 5, 2004

Someone was bored...

Well I'm a bit annoyed. My nice new PC hasn't arrived yet, which means I have no computer in my lab to work on. Therefore I have to use the 4th Floor lab with all the smelly undergrad scum (it's a joke you know my undergrad reader friends). It's rather annoying that they have neglected to give me a big wad of (or in fact any) departmental printer credits for use in that lab. This means if I find anything interesting I have to walk to the Pope building and use my IS printer credits in there with there printers... not ideal.

Someone got very bored

They are right, the big pile of crap that is NAL does take forever to load.

When I left I pressed the magic install XP on this machine button... wonder if it'll work! And if it does... why do all the machines still have Win98 on them!?

Back to work...

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