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September 17, 2004

Landlords... they're an odd bunch!

So, they've cottoned on to the fact that we stayed here all summer and want full rent paying... fair enough I suppose, I don't particularly mind. Others do, but hey. Now you'd have thought that not paying them this rent and putting them into the red (because they thought they had) might have annoyed them slightly, and made them less likly to help us or whatever. But no...

A few days ago the decorating was inspected to see if it was too our liking. I said yeah, mainly as I can't be arsed living in a house that is being decorated! They are giving us a nice new bathroom though... well I say nice... it can't be much worse than the one we currently have, those who've used it will know what I mean. We also pointed out that the vac was shit and made more dust that it sucked up. They said they'd take it away and service it for us, but if it's fooked they'll give us a new one... well I knew it wasn't that broken we just wanted a new vac with a hose so we can do the stairs!

The reconditioned vac of the 70s returned today. Arse. Quickly followed by one of these Dyson fangled things. Not for us though - it was so the landlady could vac the stairs for us.

So now, not only do we have a gardening service, we have a stair vacing service :-)

Oh, I disagree with the page saying that it's quick to do stairs with the vac, it must have taken 15 mins!

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