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September 18, 2004

Oh arse! How to waste an evening!

Been playing with PICs and things today. It's all been very exciting. Although I'm doing some very very muppet things at the moment!

I've spent the last 4 hours trying to get one board talking to another by a serial link, and been going crazy as to why on Earth it wasn't working right. No matter what I was doing. It was only when I started messing with a scope that I reaslied I was linking the wrong pins on the PIC. This was because I was looking at the wrong chip on the datasheet. For furture reference the 28 pin PIC16F876 does not have the same pin configuration as the 40 pin PIC16F877, as if the bloody number of pins wasn't like the biggest give away in the whole fucking world?

I'm too stupid for this electronics lark.

Time for bed - at least I've found it, otherwise I'd be worrying about it all night in my sleep!

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