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September 17, 2004

Stream of Consciousness

Yeah, it's a ramble, although I short one I can guess because I don't actually have that much to say!

Last night after sorting out networking stuff and VoIP I went to the pub for a drink or two and found out interesting things about my sexuality (or more like what other people think about it!). From a jury of three it has been conclusivly concluded (is that like redundancy there?) that I'm gay and in denial. I'm not sure that I agree with the verdict! I think my line "Your Gaydar clearly needs a good dusting" summed it up quite well - although it did get an 'Oh yeeeeeah' :-)

Today I've not done that much. Tried to get call transfers working on the phones so that I can transfer calls to my computer from the walkabout phone system. I think the ATA is broken and needs a firmware upgrade, but there's no way I'm paying Cisco for it!

I went to Sainsbury's late this evening to buy things, that was the highlight of the day!

My big toe on my left foot hurts.

Oh, I'm just going to mention my willy because I told someone that I would.

I'm impressed by the number of my friends who now got a blog! Everyone and her dog's got one - no really!

Oh, look it's not actually that much as I said before!

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