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September 8, 2004

Double Decker Buses hitting low bridges...

A long time ago in a Biology lesson at school I was mocked by readers of this blog for saying that I quite often duck when going under low bridges, or arched bridges where one has to be in the middle to get thorough. This is to stop my self from being decapitated should the driver have miscalculated the height or his position in the road.

I was told that it just woudln't happen and that I was silly, "the driver does the route all the time and would know about it". Then in Metro yesterday I read an article about a bus getting stuck under a bridge. Whilst looking for a reference to this accident on the web to quote, I came across a story from April 1999...

A BUS driver who forced schoolchildren to dive for cover when he smashed into a low bridge had forgotten it was a double decker, a court was told.


Blackburn magistrates were told the incident could have been far more serious if a 14-year-old girl on the top deck had not seen what was about to happen and shouted "duck" to her friends, many of whom suffered cuts and bruises and shock.

    This is Lancashire

So, there you go, that's why I always duck (or get ready to duck), especially when I'm at the front of the bus... 'cause you never know... :-)

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