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September 8, 2004

Oh my god!

Some of you may know that I'm planning on moving Porter, our server into the loft next to my bedroom... one thing servers need is power. Now I could just throw and extension in from my room... but I'd clearly turn it off or something. I thought about adding a spur to the ring main. Upon investigating further... I found this junction box in the loft...

See those wires that are wrapped around it? That's the earth loop that is. That fills me with confidence should an earth leak occur... I sense that the landladies electrician is a cowboy too. Lovely, he's fitting a new alarm soon...

I think I'll run that extension in from my room after all!

Cue Owen telling me that twising all the earths togother on the outside of a junciton box is a perfectly acceptable and safe way of earthing a ring main :-)

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