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September 10, 2004

Council Tax

I've just been reading through all the crap the council has sent us about paying counci tax. It has amused me rather a lot. I prolly won't do to you, but I'm going to share anyways...

There's this red all over leaflet, which expains how doomed you are if you don't pay on time. The leaflet looks scary and like it means business. Fair enough. Then there's another leaflet. "Don't be a dinosaur, pay by Direct Debit" It's full of awful puns (which they have highlighted in yellow). Even the DD mandate on the back page has got dinosoar eggs on it... Dunno, just makes me laugh that they are advertising it in this way. It does have a little thing at the bottom explaining that it's been cheaply made because lots of councils have pooled together to produce the leaflet... just so people don't moan that it's a big waste of money I suppose.

Then there's the "Guide to your Council Tax Bill with FREE wallplanner on reverse". I just love the way they've emphasised the word free. Why mention it's free at all? I mean it's not like you're gonna find the wallplanner and think, shit maybe I should pay for this... suppose you might be able to pick up the leaflet in the Council House or something and people will see the world free, pick it up and think the council's given them something for nowt! Who knows?

I sense I was still drunk when I read them this morning. It doesn't seem half as tacky as it did earlier. Oh well!

So, how do dinosaurs pay their Council Tax? By Tyrannosaurus Cheques of course...

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