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September 8, 2004

My first conference

Well I've not started it yet and I'm already booked on a conference. Was a tad worried that it'd be somewhere crap like Swindon... but no, it's in the middle of London near Kings Cross station. Was worried about it being crap before, but now I'm quite impressed as I'll be staying in a 4* hotel where the rooms are £100 a night for 5 days, can't be bad!. Pity the itinerary doesn't exactly look that thrilling :-)

I'll also be there on my birthday so looks like a night out in London may be required seeing as it's prolly the only chance I'll ever get! Does mean I'll have to make friends with loads of the other delegates though, as going out on my own could be quite shit. Or alterativly I could just not bother like last year!

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