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September 7, 2004

Blurb, so much to talk about!

Well I've got quite a lot to talk about of late. Been meaning to write about things all day, but I've been rather tired (more later) and couldn't be bothered and then more stuff happened etc etc...

So then...

Yesterday I went to Leicester to test the network I'd installed before I went home. Most of the points worked 1st time, with all but one of the other issues being solved in minutes. Phew! It's amazing how much the place has changed from the hard hat building site it was a month ago, to an elegant empty office space! The lights work and everything!

I find the toilets quite amusing. Each one has a little shower hose with little head on it... can't think what that would be used for! Been trying to work out the practicallies of drying your arse after washing it, and if you were a shit aim water would get everywhere.

In the evening I found out that it was Chris's birthday and that he was going out in town. Decided that even though I had to get up at about 8am to go to work again I would... 'cause the other people needed an early night too.

On the bus into town we found out that everyone else had decided that the line of early night had been crossed. So it was just Chris and I.

We went to Revolution(?) at Faces. Which if you hadn't guessed by reading my SMS reports of the evening is a gay night. Managed to get a 'vaugly important person' pass which was nice. Meant we got to stand on a different part of the balcony to oggle lesbian action below... how exciting!?

Got back at 3am... nice and early night then. Oh well.

Only did half a day at work, 'cause my work was complete, couldn't have managed much more - I was hungover to buggery! They only sold Stella in the club :-( When in Nottingham I decided to sort out my optician's things and move it all down to Nottingham. That was also quite exciting... not as exciting as the girl who was serving me having black wiry stubble all the way under her chin. It's annoying when you just can't stop looking at something that's "different".

Whilst waiting for the bus home I sat talking to quite an elderly woman. I'd guess at about 80. She was cool - cool in an old person sort of way I suppose, not like a hip-gran or anything. She had started talking to be by asking me if I knew what number the bus was at the stop, I didn't know so got up to have a look. She thanked me. Very talkative and I found myself talking to her quite easily about what she'd been doing and where she was going etc. So yeah, me talking to a random whilst sober I found is not like me (it's a lie if you've ever seen me out drunk when I will talk to loads of randoms I suppose).

Then out of character again... outside the QMC two women got on and looked up and down the bus for a double seat where they could sit next one another. They couldn't and one sat next to me. Knowing that I'd be getting off in about 2 stops time I said to one of them "I'll move and you can both sit here". What's come over me with this random act of kindness thing? I must keep it up! Suppose I do acts of kindness all the time with people's computers and computing issues. Speaking of which... I never told you about Rosie's Photo Album of her trip to South America I made for her... what a plug :-) Today I also helped her put a links thing on her new blog... woo plug plug plug today. Dunno, what else I did today with computers to help people. Prolly nothing else. There's always tomorrow!

This evening I went swimming with John on what might become our weekly trip to the pool. That was quite fun, managed to convice myself that I can actually swim a whole 50 metres without stopping or drowning, which means I wasn't lieing on the waterski 'sign-away-my-life' form. Good to know. I'm sure something funny happened there, but I could be imaging it.

So, whatelse have I forgotten to tell you about?

Oh, well done to Charis on passing her driving test! Sorry I didn't go to the pub to celebrate! Just realised why you checked my signature so carefully (and you prolly didn't even notice you'd done it and the rest of the rant is all in my head...!) Maybe you thought I was using a stolen card with you 'cause you knew it was me and wouldn't check... even though the name on the card wasn't what you thought my name was ;-) Obviously, I'm guessing, maybe you are one of the people who doesn't forget one's training! I managed to have my credit card back in my wallet before the guy in the station had chance to check my signature this morning! I hate it when that happens - it could be my card if it's been stolen and I might not be me!

That's about it! Comment if you could be arsed to read all of the post.

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