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September 5, 2004

Another personality test...

Toph's just made me do another personality test... this time it's one on the BBC's website. I found the questions a bit irritating, and couldn't really put myself into some of the options, but hey...

Apparantly I'm a realist.

Summary of Realists
  • Loyal and steady workers who meet deadlines
  • Believe in established rules and respect facts
  • Think of themselves as mature, stable and conscientious
  • May appear too logical or tough-minded and forget their impact on other people
More about Realists

Realists are loyal to the people around them and work hard to keep their promises. They are honest and straightforward with others and expect the same in return. Realists believe in standard procedures and will only support change when there is a demonstrable benefit.

Realists respect factual information, which they store up to use when making decisions. This group likes to have time to think quietly and carefully before taking action.

These extremely productive people like to be occupied in their leisure time with pursuits such as craftwork, hiking or reading.

In situations where they can't use their talents or are unappreciated, Realists may become obsessed with schedules, critical of others or have trouble trusting other people to get the job done properly. Under extreme stress, Realists may complain loudly that events have taken a turn for the worse and predict negative outcomes.

Realists typically only share their opinions or personal experiences with trusted friends.

Realist Careers

Realists are attracted to jobs where decision making based on factual knowledge and experience is required.

Seems pretty much right to me...

Before everyone goes cutting and pasting what it says about them in the comments... just put what you are ;-) I've put links to all the explanations below... :-)

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