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September 5, 2004

Ikea names...

This was going to be a comment on my post about my new plant...

"By the way, the name of the plant should really be Dutch, as the label on the pot the plant came in says 'Made in the Netherlands' on it! Very disappointed that it doesn't already have a 'silly' Ikea name already really."

That thought got me thinking about 'silly' Ikea names, as I was sort of sure that there might be some logic in them, if you were say from Sweden. I wasn't far wrong. The attactive blue pot that I've put the plant into is called 'Plommon' which is the Swedish for Plum.

And the cutlery pot with many holes in it (that there is at least one of in everyhouse, maybe), that I bought for the holding of pens and pencils is called 'Ordning', which is Swedish for Order.

My spinny chair is called 'Procent' which is Swedish for Percent. Makes less sense, but what can you call a chair?

Now the crazy names all seem to make a bit of sense :-)

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