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September 5, 2004

The Terminal

Matt and I went to see The Terminal this evening. Mainly 'cause I wanted to see a film set in an airport because they fascinate me! Yeah I'm odd.

Was a bit worried about the film when walking into it the dude who take your tickets said to me, "Ah ha, you're going to the romantic comedy I see, we don't do refunds I'm afraid". Hmmm.

The film's good and usually romantic comedies get to me, 'cause the cheesy romance them generally bores me! The more I watched the film the more I hoped that no romance was going to happen, because there was no need for it! It managed to keep me gripped for the whole 128 mins, didn't look at my watch once - always a good sign.

Funniest scene has to be the dinner scene. It had me in stitches! I'll say no more, go and see if for yourself, just don't moan at me if you think it's crap!

What's a bit scary is that I saw the trailer for Shark Tale, this being a digial animation jobby - films that just never seem to grip me - hell it's got talking animals in it. I don't do films with talking animals in - how unreal is that? Animals that talk. Fantasy innit. I don't do fantasy! But yeah... this film actually looks like it could be quite good! Argh, what's happening to me!?

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