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September 1, 2004

It's September, that means stats time!

I know, I missed them in August... oh well... find them for yourself if you're clever enough!

'visionary philosopher' is on top of the list, followed by 'crimson room'. No real changes there then! 'I see you baby shaking that ass' comes in a at 3, with "how to escape the crimson room" coming in at 4.

Most hits have come from blog.hotornot.com, the next highest after that (other than referal spam) is Owen's blog.

Most visited article is the Can you escape the Crimson Room? one.

And most people who visit use Internet Explorer, how suprising.

Oh, visits wise, on the real people front it's the Nottingham NTL crew, then Kate'n'Rob and then JJ.

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