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August 25, 2004

So we tried another pub quiz

Regular readers who pay attention will know that on Monday nights I and people from home go to a pub quiz. The quiz we go to is not easy, infact it's bloody hard and in the past we would come last everytime we tried. You may have also seen that I've become more and more disillusioned with it as time has gone on.

This week we decided that we'd go to the Stafford on the Tuesday and try out it's quiz instead. Well... I wasn't impressed. Yeah it was easier, but it wasn't much fun. There wasn't any humourous banter from the quiz dude or anything like that, ok no needed for a quiz. One thing that I find is quite useful is the quiz dude having the correct answers for the questions he's set.

"What colour flag designates the most difficult courses in skiiing?" (or something along those lines) His answer 'red', he changed his mind after the mounting pressure that the answer was in fact black.

The question that really narked me off was one which went along the lines of "What techological development did Tim Berners-Lee, who was knighted last year, invent?" Computer questions in pub quizes (or quizes on the TV, or GCSE IT) always annoy me, as they invariably have the wrong answer! This was no execption. Apparatnly... he invented the Internet, when everyone with a little bit of knowledge knows that he invented the "world wide web", (and HTML and the HTTP). Knowing that the most common thing used is the world wide web we put that down... and the team who was marking it marked it wrong!

Well I went and complained and said "Hey he didn't invent the Internet, he invented the www", to be told "well it's the same thing"

"Yeah... ok..." I said just wanting the get the point we rightly deserved.

Now, I'm sure in the pub quiz we usually go to, Internet would be a 'wrong' answer, even if people put it down and complained, because there's no truth in it, even if it sounds about right and people incorrectly beleive it.

So, at least two questions out of 50 that were wrong sort of makes me loose faith in the quiz.

Phew, glad to get that off my chest.

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