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August 23, 2004

So then, the weekend...

Well, Friday went to the pub, Dad and his friend turned up and we all got drunk and it was a fun night I suppose!

Saturday, erm, well not much happened to be honest. Missed out on going and seeing a friend in a show she was doing down at the church hall. Went to the pub with people afterwards though, nothing of note really happened of Saturday, it was quite boring.

On Thursday Rosie and I had decided that something fun should be done over the weekend, although we weren't sure what. Then someone came up with the idea of going to the beach for the day on Sunday.

Then we found that the beach at Scarbourugh was covered in poo, so we decided to do something else. After lots of humming and arrring we decided to go for a walk around Scammonden Reservoir. It was a nice warm day and we had a little drink in Nont Sarah's which is a nice pub, pretty much in the middle of nowhere!

On the way there we had a funny episode. When leaving my house I could smell what I thought was burning something, which I thought might have been coming from the car. I opened the window and the smell went away :-). Later on at a junction some guy comes past in his car and we can hear him shout 'wibble wobble blah, mate!' as he passed. Bugger I thought... maybe something is wrong with the car!

After turning down the road, Rosie noticed that the car behind us was flashing his hazards... we decided to pull in, and as soon as we did the hazards stopped to flash. We got out and inspected the car, there seemed like there was bugger all wrong with it. Rosie then drove down a little lane and I followed on foot to see if I could see what was wrong.

Then it dawned on me what the guy was shouting, I had to laugh. "Hey, your hazards are on, mate!', to the car behind us. Doh! Least we knew it wasn't us.

On the way back we smelt the smell at the same place on the road, it appears that it was some rough yellow tarmac stuff by the traffic lights that is ponging.

All was solved.

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