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August 28, 2004

Blah! Another update...

I went out for a meal with my friends from home on Thursday evening. It was rather nice, we went to Katelan's where Sarah went a week ago. It's quite a small resturant, and at the beginning we were the only people in there. It's an ok place I suppose. The food tasted nice, even if I thought that the portions were a tad on the ickle side. I'd go again if they change the set menus, 'cause there was only one thing that I thought I would like you see. Could try eating from the a la carte menu, but that'd be wellll expensive.

We went to the pub after, whereelse, and that was also fun. When I got home dad was still up and one of his friends (got it right this time... that'll be lost on most of you, 'cause I changed that mistake in an earlier post) was here. Sort of invited myself to carry on drinking with them in a way I seem to have mastered. This unfortunately involved me drinking lots of whisky straight, 'cause you can't ruin it with mixers, that's a sin you know... my head hurt a lot on Friday, but then so did Dad's. Oh, and the friend got a telling off when he stumbled home at about 2am.

I'm a bad influence... :)

Friday, didn't do much. Watched TV loads. Watched a program on the building of the M62, very interesting. Prolly more so if you're a Halifax/West Yorkshire person I suppose, bearing in mind that's where all the funky stuff on the motorway is, like Scammonden Dam, where I went to last week (for them who don't know, the motorway runs across the top of the dam), or the big fook off single span bridge across it, the house in the middle of it... I could go on. A truly amazing feat of engineering.

Today I've started to repack for going back to Nottingham, I say repack, 'cause I've not unpacked... but I don't want to take a load of useless clobber back with me, time to sort of start a fresh with the random crap I think!

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