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August 13, 2004

Now on to this evening...

It rained rather a lot here... and it appears that our house leaks in some 'funny' places :-)

The least of these funny places had to be a little hole in the wall in the cellar, which water decided it would be a good place to get in and flood the cellar. Grrr.

After vaccing up all the water I decided to find out what people were doing. I'd tell you the whole story, but the end of it had me in Asda... only the second ever time I've been in an Asda... how un-Northern of me.

Then i went to Kate's to look at her China photos, aid with the filling in of a silly job application form, and play Trival Pursuits. I lost :-( But only just, which makes it a little better.

I was convinced when I started to type this that this post would be longer, but I'm afraid it's not. Oh well!

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