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August 13, 2004

Time for a little rant about Halifax and stuff... :-)

One of the good things about coming home is that I get to read the local paper. God knows why local papers exist to be honest...!? They are crap! Suppose there might be one useful article in a day, like reading about all the flooding that went on last night, or when you see a car crash and out of morbib fascination want to know if there was any 'death' involved. The best bit of the paper is the Mailbag which as most people who read local papers is somewhat like a paper 'rant blog' where locals (most seem to be menopausal women) all moan about complete bullshit and how crap society is etc.

Or you get Labour councillors slating the Tories and then you get a retort a few days later. There's generally a crappy creationism/evolutionism argument going on too.

"God exists you idiot and he made us all"
"No, he didn't!"
"Did so!"
[Toys thrown out of pram]

Many a time I want to write to it with a letter about how most of the people who write in are a bunch of dumb wankers who have got their head stuck so deeply up their own arses that they have no real idea about what is actually going on.

Todays letters are actually quite good, which is what prompted me to make this post :-)

One is about why Britain is so much in debt... because people spend money on things they don't need... new car, foreign hoilday, marrige in Vegas etc... although quite obvious to someone with an ounce on intellect. Reminded me about students who used to moan about always being broke and yet somehow managed to insure, tax and run a car!

Then there's a letter about how Gareth Gates appeals to all ages... :-/

An anti-right wing letter. There'll be an anti-left wing on Monday...

And then there was the letter that follows, made me think about how much drinking I've done since I've came home and how I've been moaning that there is f-all to do!

[As a nice interlude someone sent me this link about what someone else thought about glorious Halifax]

LATELY I’ve been reading the Mailbag section of your newspaper and have noticed numerous letters concerning underage drinking and especially at the Zoo Bar.

There have been many letters concerning police raids on the Zoo Bar and asking why nothing has been done about the underage drinkers, for example by revoking the licence.

I just thought I’d point out that Halifax is merely Halifax and nothing more.

It’s not exacity the prime of the UK so don’t kid yourselves by thinking its something special. It’s quite a sad fact that it’s stupidly easy to get served in pretty much any pub or bar and I, with numerous friends, some of whom are 14 and 15, have often frequented the Zoo Bar and other pubs.

If we “young ‘uns” want to go out and partake in a spot of underage drinking then we will, basically because there’s little else to do and because we can.

We can’t go to the cinema because there isn’t one.

We can’t go bowling because there is no bowling alley.

We can’t go to the gaming arcade because there isn’t one.

We can’t go to the shopping centre because there isn’t one.

So before all you “old ‘uns” start whining and bitching about underage drinking and blaming the “young un’s” just stop and think for a second about why there is so much underage drinking in Halifax, more than most other places in the UK.

It’s not because of bad parenting, drug abuse or peer pressure.

It’s because there’s nothing else to do.

The Zoo Bar is a dump but it’s one of the places where people around my age can congregate and have a laugh.

The people of Halifax should be glad that there is the Zoo Bar because wthout it there would be even more underage drinkers in the many pubs and clubs.

(Sixteen-year-old underage drinker)

Some of the stories that get published are also rather amusing. On Tuesday there was a half page article about an old woman who nearly swollowed a fly! She found this fly in a back of frosted cereal and it made the paper. The quotes they had her saying cracked me up. I'm paraphrasing I'm afraid as Tuesday's paper prolly went to the paper place in the sky on Wednesday...

It's disgusting, it must have been in there for weeks, it was frosted and hard like the cereal.

Yes... that's because it got in there when they were being coated in sugar and baked... it's a cooked fly, it's not even like it's fresh and covered in dogshit.

Can you imagine what would have happened if I'd not seen it?

Erm... you'd have eaten it and the paper would have had the find something else to write about, like 'Girl, 3, Falls off Bike' or something exciting.

I'd have covered it in milk, and eaten it!

Covering it in milk, oh dear!

I wonder if she eats eggs. Do you know where they come from?

Crumbs it's turned into rather a long post, and probably just as useful as something written in the paper, oh the irony!

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