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August 8, 2004

So, what's happened since Wednesday then?


Nothing during the day, 'cause there is nothing to do in the day around these parts - suppose I could have sorted out my packing and the like, but I really can't be arsed!

In the evening I phoned around people, who all appeared to be busy, execpt for Kate. We had no idea what to do, although (shock horror!) I didn't want to do anything alcohol related, due to haveing a rather fuzzy head. We decided "Let's go to Bradford on the train and do something to be decided when we get there". Then it started to piss it down... so we went bowling in Hudderfield instead. There was logic to this, as previously plans involved there being no car, so walking would be involved, which isn't nice when there's a torrential downpour and lightning blots are all around... but I managed to procure use of the car (which has become my ickle brother's love wagon, which I never get chance to drive anymore)... anyway, bowling was fun.

Friday, got bored (see the pattern) went around to Kate's to read on her patio. Rosie came too and we 'played' badminton in the garden. Kate left and Rosie and I went to the pub... now I was planning on a nice quiet drink in the pub... oh well... ended up outside the pub talking to my brother and his posse and drank quite a bit more than I was intending... good laugh though.

I met some really stange people... like the guy who had 'Dry Your Eyes' on his mobile phone and just kept playing it over and over and over... then someone told him that he had some Old School dance on his phone and played a bit. Well, now The Streets listening to guy wanted it. So he asked the band of about 10 drunk people around him to be really really really quite whilst he played it on the one guys phone and recorded it into his own. 'twas very funny.

Saturday was the secret party night at the secret location, you can prolly guess where as I've been there most days the week...

It was good fun, don't really know what to say about it though. We played games and ate party food, oh and drank stuff. Fucking wasps. Stayed up until 4.30ish again talking... going to have to stop doing that, it's breaking my patterns of sleep.

And now it is now. Middle of the afternoon with f-all to do.

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