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August 7, 2004

Tuesday and Wednesday Night

[I wrote this on erm Thursday morning, shortly after coming back from Wednesday night - now I could back post it like Ant has been known to do... but that'd be wrong ;-)]

Hello folks,

So then... another update :-)

Well a pub trip didn't happen, but I decided to invite myself around to a friend's house where I preceded to drink beer whilst watching the 'Vicar of Dibley', 'twas as good as the pub!

Tonight has also been cool (I write this at 4.21am when I've just got in, don't want to wake parents with noise of dial-up internet logging on, so I'm writing this offline to post later...)

I went around to Kate's house to have a meal for her friend's birthday. This was a little dauning for poor shy Ed as he had never met the friend before and it turned out that I was the only other person invited for tea! It was cool nethertheless and I tried to put on my get one with anyone hat :-)

After food other people who I know arrived :-) [hello!] and we drank stuff of an alcohol base :) Yey... almost a week without not not having booze in me system! Those people left really really really early, as they work, but the drinking continued... then Kate went to bed and me and friend were the only ones left.

It was rather cool. I've learned a lot tonight. Mostly about music theory! (When I say a lot, I really mean that I've more than doubled my previous knowledge on the subject...)

I'm a bit scared she thinks I'm a bit, erm, strange, but then everyone does, so who cares! At least I know what a semi-tone is now, and how to make scales in any note and stuff! I'll have forgotten when I wake up next mind... I have no idea when Kate went to bed, but it felt like I'd been talking to the friend for ages... gonna feel soooo bad about keeping her awake tomorrow! Scarlily, in an out of character fashion, I also drank red wine tonight... and anything else alcholic. I sense that might be another reason for not feeling too good tomorrow...

Oh well... I'm never going to post this, am I?!

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