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August 3, 2004

Erm, cunning ;-)

Thought I'd better write another post 'cause it's ages since I've updated you :-)

Well, what has happened since the last post? Well...

I went to the BBQ, it was rather good fun I thought :-D Rather an alcohol and innuendo fuelled evening. I was a bit scared that I was a bit too loud... (me?! never...) But everyone still appears to be talking to me, which is good.

Loads (well a few) of people who I'd been to school with were there (people who I don't normally see). It was fun to catch up with them all and find out what they are doing with their lives now. I feel like I'm about to start rambling, so I'll move on!

On Sunday it was my Gran's 86th birthday, pretty uneventful really, nothing much to say. I continued my habit of going to the pub/drinking every evening whilst I've been back, only one person was available to come though, still it was fun.

Yesterday was a Monday, which means pub quiz night! We didn't lose! Although I've decided that I don't enjoy myself at them as much as I used to. Maybe it's because I was the only one who was really drinking last night... well Becky came in second in the drinking amount front having a single G&T, and I sort of had 4 pints and two vodka, lemonade and limes... Oh well.

Today, I've mostly being doing nothing.

So little to report really!

The day times here are boring. Need to find something to do to keep myself busy. I sense that the evenings may all become very similar, although I don't think I'm going to plan a pub trip tonight... might do though! Who knows?

I hope everyone is cool!

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