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April 4, 2004

Pesky Internet Explorer Scrolling Bug

Another post... wow... at home I've not bothered to install Opera on my brother's computer as I'm sure he won't like change, even if that change is good. This means that looking at my blog on Internet Explorer has meant that I've seen the evil scrolling bug that I'd sort of forgotten about (that's a lie, Sarah reminded me last week)

You might not even know about the bug... basically it meant that you could only scroll down to the bottom of the side bar and not read stuff that went below this... this was a problem if you wanted to read what was below. A quick fix was to press F11 twice... but I forgot to tell you this as I'd forgotten it happened since I stated using a proper webbrowser :-)

I've found this code...

<div style="clear:both;"></div>>

...on this here page, which I've put at the bottom of the page before the </body> tag... hopefully this will have fixed the problem. Let know know if it hasn't!

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