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April 4, 2004

Woo... stuff I've been doing!

Woo... first post for me in April...


Not much to say really. I got rather humoured by the 7 wonders of the modern world that the Daily Telegraph published. Could have been yesterday or the day before... for some reason Table Mountain and the Niagara Falls were on it... not sure why exactly. I'm sure it wasn't Thursday's paper, if that's what you're thinking... could have been I suppose... days seem pass so fast recently!

Went out drinking last night, that was fun. Talked about how life was in the olden days when I was a wee sixth-former and younger and surprised myself of my knowledge of the forms everyone in my year was in in the 1st year.

Went out drinking the night before last night... that was also fun :-) We saw a film and drank Sangria and everything. The film was Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. Quite a good film, with a million and one stars appearing in it. Got a bit tedious in the middle, but prolly worth watching :) I didn't like the 50s colouring in the beginning, it got on my nerves, couldn't wait for the late 60s! I'll let JJ do a proper review in the comments... hint hint ;-)

Prolly not going out drinking until Thursday next week now though :(

Oh, I'm on page 22 of the report :) Running out of shit to spout now though :( and I finished Need for Speed Underground.


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