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March 27, 2004

Almost ready for my trip home...

Yey... or not maybe. I can't wait for my comfortable bed and Yorkshire water, oh and to see my family and talk t... don't particularly want to listen to them bicker and agrue though!

It always works me up! I used to get shouted at for doing it as a kid and now my parents do it all the time! I reckon I still get shouted at if I did it now... time for an experiment... I'm ready with the comebacks... 'it's not an argument, I'm merely expressing my difference of opinion in a loud whining voice' Riiight :)

Love 'em all really :)

My drunkness will stop as well, which can only be a good thing... I've been up wasted at 3am for the 5 nights out of the last 7. It's silly really. I'd stopped drinking more than like a can of beer a week since I came back in September, didn't see the point! And now I'm drinking loads. I'm not an alcoholic... I'm not an alcoholic... I'd just forgotten how much I actually enjoyed being drunk!

Maybe I should change the category to Ramble and not Trips... yeah...

No idea how updating of the blog will go whilst I'm at home... it might happen it might not... at Christmas I only checked my emails about 3 times... and I'm used to doing it every minute while I'm at the computer!

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