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March 6, 2004

Hmmm... do I need help, or are online screening tests silly?

I've just been looking at a blog where some guy thought that he might have OCD.

Anyways, it brought the fears that I may have the disorder to the front of my mind. I'm sure that I've talked to some of my readers about it before... "I know" I thought... I'll find an online screening test and see what it reckons...

So I found some :)

Did them and depending on the test there are varying levels of compulsiveness... sweet. So, is that bollocks, or do I have a problem? Hmmm...

I then did some more tests on other random disorders... and there's a high chance I have them too :)

I started a test for ADD and gave up half way through! Couldn't be buggered... if only I wasn't being serious. It was boring :)

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