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December 7, 2003


Right it's not happened yet this year. But any of you people dare send me an e-card and I'll scream. Before you ask... no, this isn't an Ed doesn't do Christmas thing. It's an Ed doesn't like people giving his email address out to random people so they can sell it to evil spam people. If telephone cards existed would you be happy if people gave your phone number out to randoms so they could phone you up and say happy Christmas, no, didn't think so. Good.

I'm sort of posting this as a ranty email cards are crap thing, I'm so hoping some smart arse reader doens't send me one to piss me off, if you do I won't be happy - I will find out who you are and I will sign you up to every really dirty porn list I can find... :-P (I've, of course, picked this 'cause I'll enjoy this punnishment twice O:-) )

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