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December 8, 2003

Too much sodding work

I've got waaay too much work to do anything at all. It's well annoying. I am now on page 15 of the silly fibre write up. Half way. Woo. I've decided it's a bloody ridiculous amount to be writing for a whole 5 credits of work. Last year our group project was worth 30 credits, and if I look at the final page count...98, there were 4 of us in the group, so that's like on average 25 pages(ish) each, for 30 credits. I'm having to write 30 pages for 5 credits... what the hell is the point!? And I know what I'll write will be crap and get low marks, I'm just trying to get as many as I can 'cause the module is a bitch - just ask the other two ex- students who did it. Ask them what they got... heap of shit.

In other news...

Work on the project continues... last week on the same day of the break in I went and played with a flask shaker and my watch.

Oooh look it's almost like a promotional picture for a website :-) (I should have had pen to paper for that all so clichéd look I suppose!)

And looky here... it's some proper results, plotted in MATLAB and everything, I feel like a proper engineer now...

That's a high frequency shake by the way. The top graph is from the acutal watch we've got (which is analog) and the bottom two are from the twin axis digital sensor. Hmmmm... I sense we'll be sticking with the analog version... (well I hope so, for it's easier to code for!)

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