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December 7, 2003

Doh! Missed a day folks :)

It's getting sad when all there is to talk about is the fact that I've miss a day posting on the blog isn't it? Hehe.

I'll think of something else to talk about in a second... oh the bastard coursework from hell on fibre opticl cables is still a bastard. I'm on page 12, arse, not even halfway through.

I got in at about 5.45am on Saturday morning (there's some redundant information for you there) to see one of the police guys who came to talk to us talking to someone outside, he waved which was nice :)

Then I got woken up at 9.30am by the builder dude who wanted to paint our backdoor to make it look nice again. He also fitted some more bolt locks to another of the doors in the house so that if any f*ckers get in again they can't go anywhere. This was noisy. I was freeking tired yesterday.

Last night Ant and I had the whole central heating system apart because we had no hot water and the boiler had been on making some for the past 4 hours. This sort of involved taking my room completely apart because my shelves are infront of the aiting cupboard thing. We think it's furred up pipes going into the cistern, but with messing about it seems to have fixed itself.

So that was the busy day of yesterday for you... magic :)

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