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December 5, 2003

Secret return visitors

Just been looking at my server logs as I do when I want an ego boost.

The post about the end song from Max Payne 2 got 1224 hits last month, and has already got over 200 this month (and it's only day 5!). There were 1943 unique visitors to the site last month also, this is cool :) and a whole 522.29 Mb of data was transfered. Well I'm impressed, ok?

Looking through I also saw that there are some repeat visitors who I have no idea who they are! I put some of them down to Amanda's friends checking that I'm been a good boy ;-) (Hello) Some of them I can't work out at all!

So that last poll was quite short lived, still feel free to vote on it!

Ah go on, even if you're secret and don't ever comment you can still vote, it'll make me feel nice :-)

Humm that's a bit hard to read isn't it!? I'm sure you'll work it out!

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