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August 31, 2003

Scotland - Day 2 - Thursday

We eat breakfast at 8.40am and checkout at 9.30am to head off on our way up north.

We come across Loch Lomond and go to the Loch Lomond Shores centre.

Here I find what appear to be internet connected infomation termials... I decided to try and use one to allow me to update the blog. Unfortunatly it will only download the pages which are stored on it. I manage to get it to open up My Computer and have a probe around, teehee. I can't do much however as I all I have to use is a trackerball and no keyboard :( Upon walking away I see that the thing is double headed and there is a monitor pointing into the centre... doh!

Then I find some machines with keyboards... woo... unfortuantly these are properly designed for internet usage so are a little more secure :( Still it was worth a try :)

Note for people wanting to make info termnals: disable "help" kill it, once you have access to Microsoft Help you can do loads of things...

We walk over to a building with Free Entry on it... to find that entry to the building is free... but to actually do anything in it requires money...

We leave and carry on up north to Fort William. I see something which makes me laugh lots... it's a car with a registation beginning with X32... looks normal until it's been following you for the last 20 miles and all you can see is it in your rear view mirror :D

We arrive in Fort William and buy lunch and some postcards and set off to find some where to stay... we come across Banavie House and decided to stay there (£38 for a twin room). Our room has a view of Ben Nevis out of the window, this is cool :)

The guest house has a cunning agreement with The Moorings where guests at Banavie House will get 10% off food. We take advatage of this offer :)

After food we go for a stroll down the Caledonian Canal by Neptune's Staircase. When we get back we try to have a game of Dominoes in the guest lounge... only to find half way through the game that the game appears to not be complete and contains 2 sets of dominos so there are some duplicates and some gaps. Doh!

Today's Mileage = 120 miles

[Listening to: Atb - Kayama]
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