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July 28, 2003

Back from the ex-BBQ :)

Well I'm back from the ex-BBQ... not just back as I've also being writing silly emails :)

I'm in a bit of an odd mood it seems - odd but good I think :)

Anyway... so then well what did I do at the BBQ thing... well I drank some beer and some sangria and talked lots about a whole wealth of things (religion, politics, that sort of stuff). We also simulated rainbows off balconies with a hosepipe to try and get the full circle... hmmm seems like not a lot for about 5 hours... well I'm sure we did more as well!

Well I think I might go and read some more of the (maybe not so) cunning book I'm currently reading - Answers to Tough Questions.

[Listening to: Crowded House - Weather With You]
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