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July 28, 2003


At home home we are currently in the process of removing the bath from the main bathroom so that it can be reenameled - an easy job you may think.

Well the first problem arose when it came to turning off the cold and hot water feeds to the bath... upon opening the airing cupboard where all the valves (not stop cocks) are kept we were faced with 8 values... which ones did we need to shut off - in true unorganised fashion none of these were labelled.

After doing a little pipe tracing we'd managed to halve the number of valves to try. So we start turning off the valves one by one waiting for things to change. We got the hot water one pretty much 1st time... then came the cold tank feed one... hehe... now some of the valves changed the pressure, but didn't stop the supply... maybe the taps are a little buggered.

In the end I decided it'd be best if I turned off the supply in the loft at the main header tank... so went off into the loft to be faced with... 3 valves on the outlet of the tank... grrr I thought... so I turned 'em all off and the water stopped! Yey... when everything is all connected and working I think I'm going to go and label each of the pipes around the house so that it's clear what they all do!

So, water is now off... taps are disconnected from the bath. Next step is to move the bath from the wall... this required undoing the waste pipe... ho hummm... 1 hour later this has been undone with much force. Now to move the bath... oh look... it weighs a bloody tonne... and we were only moving it away from the wall... how the hell are we going to get it down the stairs... the saga will continue....

Now to digital cameras... due to arrive tomorrow... but hasn't been despatched yet... this could be interesting.

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