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July 27, 2003


I've now added two cunning things to the side of my index page - these being my Amazon wishlist, and the books I am reading, have got but am going to read, and books I have recently read. Feel free to buy me any of the things on my wishlist btw... :)

People who know me may think that is silly, 'cause I don't read that many books! This is true :) However I've decided that reading will broaden my knowledge or something... and may even give me something to write about on the blog - instead of all the boring stuff which I'm doing which seems to be very samey and crap and make you not want to read it!

Hummm... I'm changing my lifestyle so I can write to my blog about the cool things I'm donig, just to keep you interested... interesting :)

I'm off out to an ex-BBQ tonight... ex for two reasons... one being I'm eating here to celebrate Gran's, er, 85th birthday (which I forgotabout when I said I'd go to the BBQ) and secondly because it's not going to be a BBQ anymore it's going to be a meal. Now I'm going after people have eaten... hehe now I am boring myself typing about it... hehe :)

I'll leave you to work out the possibilties of a report on the evenings goings on being reported on the blog later on this evening :)

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