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June 30, 2003

Productive day?

Well today I seem to have done lots (well productive from my general state of doing things anyway!)

I went into town with my ickle brother (he was driving - still a learner, hmmm).

I've managed to take my broken shoes back to Burton's, hoping that they would replace them - instead they are going to get them mended. So long as they are fixed by Friday I don't really care. But it's going to be close I reckon.

I've also handed my LEA awards form into the LEA... only 10 days late... hmmm. Ah well, 'tis all dad's fault, so he can bail me out if they turn us down for money next year.

I've also got myself an appointment for and eye check at the optitions (only 4 years after my last one!) I wonder how much blinder I've become.

That's about all really. So maybe not that productive at all. I'm a bit miffed that I've now got to go into town 2 times before Friday though. It just seems like so much hassle - when really it isn't at all!

I'm off to the pub quiz tonight, which could be fun :) Wonder if we'll win the chocolates...

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