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June 29, 2003

A day at home...

Well today has been rather boring. Humm... a theme for the summer I guess.

I managed a super 12 hours sleep though, which was quite nice :)

Erm... so what have I done... well... Grandma visited so I kept her amused while mum was busy doing things. This included playing cards mainly.

I've also been online quite a bit - it's such a change from being online all the time...!

I've become to hate dialup more and more as the stupid thing disconnects me all the time.

I'm also getting increasly annoyed with not being able to log on with my own PC because my brother has now stolen the modem I use... grrr. Oh well... such is life. I can see myself going out later in the and buying one... hmm... if I bought one with voice capabilites I could have fun at ClaudeStreet when I get back and make a simple one line VoIP setup for the house... hmm cunning!

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