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July 1, 2003

Eyes and Servers

Well I had my eye test today... woo, I've not gone any more blind than I was four years ago when I had my last test. I've also decided that I shall be getting some contact lenses. I must have looked pretty silly when walking around Halifax trying the little buggers out blinking at a rate of about 4Hz!

Oh well. They should be arriving on Thursday if I'm lucky. So that's lots of stuff to arrive by Thursday... it's never going to happen is it?

It also took me a whole 2 hours to check my email today. Logged on at about 6pm (ie when it gets free) to check... nothing... the server didn't exist. At this point I promply crap myself :)

I called Force9 to talk to their Tech support staff to see if the modem was still connected... "it's been up for 11 days sir", but then later... "but reconnected at 6am"..."hmm... I think you must have a stale connection, you'll need to reset your router". Arse.

I phoned Ant. He said he'd also got a bit scared. I then phoned the landlady and asked if they had been and done anything... they visited he house at 7am(!) this morning because they were scared about the house flooding. The servers we apparantly running then. Her husband then offered to go down to the house to have a look. How cool is that?! Our landlady/landhusband rocks!

I got him to reboot the router, and then tried to get him to log on to one of the servers to ping something. This didn't seem possible, so we also rebooted the periphary firewall. I crossed my fingers and sent him home. Upon logging on to the net all seems fine now :)

Now think about this all you people with hosting companies... how much does it cost you to get a reboot? It's included with my rent it seems :D

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