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June 27, 2003

Bedworth and Monopoly

Well I didn't think I'd end up in a church in Bedworth today... but I did. Trip down was rather funny, what with the van falling apart on the M1 :) I'm sooo glad I'm not going to be going down (aiii) tomorrow (erm, today - whoops looks like I've missed posting a day again!).

When I came back I played tech support again and helped people fix their mail systems :) Then we started on a game of monopoly... now I used to like this game, I used to like this game lots - but then I suppose I have better things to do with my time. The bordem could have probably been seen on the webcam:

Anyway bordem aside, which involved reprogramming ClaudeStreet's MServ and talking to Amanda on MSN :) (Thank you for keeping me sane) I won... woo woo... :)

Time for more reprogramming action on MServ I feel :)

[Listening to: Fluke - Zion]
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