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June 27, 2003

Best before dates

Today we've looked through the cupboards looking for food that will probably be going out of date by September - it's quite alarming home much is actually already out of date! So, this has lead to my latest cunning project. ClaudeStreet requires a goods inwards and good outwards department and a cunning database to link them together.

Here food will be logged in (along with BBDs) when it arrives in the house, and as it is eaten it is removed of the list. Then we could have a list of food that needs to be eaten this week etc. Instead of eating food that's well in date and forgetting about the tinned salmon that went out of date in 1998! Humm.. maybe this is quite sad and geeky :) Oh well :) Hey, I could have a cool thing for the ClaudeStreet site... a "What's about to go mouldly" section :)

Now I must remember to search for that barcode reader from home... hope we haven't thrown it away!

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