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April 18, 2003

Midnight feasting and cleaning pixies

After our amazing house clean Ant and I decided to cook something. We were very hungry, having only had one meal each in the during day. Bacon, eggs and chips it was. We started to watch the TV, a very cunning repeat (with signing) of the Twins: The Identity Test something or other... it was a program investigating identical twins anyway. Very fascinating, no really it was!

This finished at about 3.45pm. Then we went to bed (separate rooms before anyone gets any silly ideas...) with the house nice and tidy. Well when I got up at some silly time in the afternoon which I forget the house was even tidier! There were some new mats in the bathroom I didn't even know we owed. This sink had been tidied. There was invisible bleach in the toilet... dangerous invention as I found out... good job it stinks when disturbed.

The living room was a simlar sight, what with books being tidied and pieces of paper being placed into piles. Strange goings on have occured.

No idea where the kitchen sponge is though.

But yeah, everything is all clean and nice :) and is now a perfect working environment. It's even nice weather outside cunning!

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