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April 18, 2003

Busy evening!

As Ant says, we've cleaned the house. Cleaning the floor of my bedroom involved me having to unpack! What I've been back a fortnight and I've still been living out of a suitcase. So now my floor is clean. Maybe before I start revising I should tidy my desk as well, 'cause it's still got what I was revising from for the last set of exams... ho humm.

We paintied our house number on our bin today, photos and write up to the mothersite soon probably.

We also decided to banish some more useless stuff in our house to the shed of doom. And when doing so found a part of our gared we didn't know existed! This was also cool.

I also allowed people to take photos of some of my body parts for our cunning BodyPart Quiz - why don't you try it, you might even win!

Hehe, it's funny really, before I got my blog this sort of crap would go on the mothersite, but now I've got a blog it goes here... humm. I sense I'm negleting the mothersite a little. On the other hand we aren't doing as much interesting stuff as we used to do. Less drinking I feel.

Humm... my headache has nearly gone. It's just a dull pain that keeps reminding me that it's there really.

Oh yeah, and I now know who Carol is :)

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