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April 18, 2003

Don't you just hate it when that happens

Well the idea was to get a drink of orange juice and carry on with my coursework. Instead I stupidly decided that it was a cunning idea to pour orange juice over my keyboard and my desk, which was full of work... doh! Not good. Oh well so now my desk is sticky and smells like an orange ice lollystick (no really!), my keyboard is sticky, oh and my coursework is also sticky, arse. It also washed the marker of some of my CDRs, so now I don't know what's on them... grrrr.

I also thought that my money had got a strange disease... a ten pound note got orangeified - and yellow rings appeared around the watermark. Luckily they are present on every ten pound note! How have I not noticed this before!?

Ten Pound Note

Time to take the keyboard apart...

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