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November 24, 2007


Well, I was doing quite well in updating this, and then I stopped.

So, what's happened...

  • I went out for a Turkish meal with Sarah. Was very nice to catch up.
  • I had my eyes checked again. Last year I was told I had to come back in a year instead of the normal 2 years. This was because they found that I had a differential pressure between my eyeballs when they did the "squirt some air in your eyes test", this made them worry that I might be starting to get glaucoma. So... this time when I went they are first completley neglected to perform the "squirt some air in your eyes test" and that was the only reason I'd gone back! I mentioned his to the optician and she got them to do it - telling the nurse-esque woman off for not doing it. That said, she said she didn't do the test initially as I'm not over 30... makes me wonder what they saw in my eyes last time I went that made the optican get them to test me... upshot of it is that there is less of a differential this year, so all is 'well'.
  • I became 26. This was unbelievabley exciting. Mainly as most people who said Happy Birthday, did so on my Facebook wall, and are people I've not been in touch with since school!
  • I went on a course in Coventry on how to write a business plan. Heh. Well, it was somewhat of a waste of time. Basically, I learnt not much. The content was similar to the week long course I went on 3 years ago. The comments I made back then pretty much hold. The only difference with this course and the other one were that there was far more wankers on this one. Kind of makes you feel sad these people actually get research funding! There were a few people who were great though, so that was good. Not that I'll keep in touch with them or add them to my Facebook, but still.
  • Somewhere in between all that I added Google AdSense ads to the blog... you might have noticed... I'm not sure if they'll stay. Depends on if my income from it increases significantly or not... currently it's not worth people looking at the extra litter on the page, we'll see.
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