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November 1, 2007

Sex, with a bicycle?!

Another poke at the news today... of more of what caused the news. I've just read about a man who's been put on the sex ofenders register for having 'sex' with a bicycle.


  1. Why on Earth were the Police informed?
  2. Why the Police go "don't be stupid"?
  3. How did it ever get to court?
  4. Why wasn't it thrown out of court?

The stupid people who are complaining unlocked his door to find him at it with a bike. As far as he was concered, he was doing his vehiclar sex in privacy, it was them that made it not private. The only fault with him is for not shouting out "Erm, can you come back, I'm in the middle of something at the moment". But, to be honest, it might have ruined the moment.

If he was having sex with a woman, would they have phoned the police? or would they have just run away embarassed? What if he was pulling one off? What if he was a she going for it with a rampant rabbit?

Is it the fact that it was an unconsenting bicycle that makes it a "sexual breach of the peace"?

Anyways, I hope he wore his Cycling Proficiency badge at the hearings.

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