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October 29, 2007

Oh dear, your bags got searched...

Oh deary me, I thought to myself as I read Minister detained at US airport this morning. Would he be moaning if he was detained and he wasn't a Muslim? Does he think he was singled out because he was a Muslim? Having been frisked, having my bag searched multiple times and forced to drink a can of 7-UP at security control during my last trip abroad, I can say that they've got it in for atheists too...

Poll time...

It doesn't seem to mention that he was detained so long that he missed his flight... so I'm guessing that he didn't... so they were doing him a favour by keeping him away from the over priced coffee on the other side of security control.

Just read on another site that he was detained for 40 minutes, oh how my heart bleeds.

"the USA system does not inspire confidence". Gives me lots of confidence that they'll check pseudo-important people's luggage as well as the serf's.


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