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July 8, 2007

Seems I might have been wrong...

OK.... so... we're wandering about to find a map that'll take us to the place of free food and hear them shout out that there's a free bus to the food place about to leave. We jump on. This is a slight problem - we've not found a map yet - how are we gonna get back?! I try and remember the route as best as possible...

So, we arrive at this fabled place and are presented with a menu on the wall... coloured dots on this menu say how much the upgrade from the free food ticket is... $5, $6 or $7. We're in a queue for the till... where no doubt we'll order. It's only when we get to the till that I see the menu for the free food... I decide on chili con-carne... hand over my ticket and 50 cents for an extra of sour cream. Then we're in another queue to a hatch where our slop will magically appear. Mine does... without the cream... and without much rice or chili! I can't be arsed complaining about the lack of cream (or food... it was free after all)... there's a sign saying "Seating upstrairs"... woo directional signs telling you what to do, I like this... we go upstairs, the place is chuffing heaving... chance of finding a seat is 7/8ths of fuck all... we stand to eat out food. As we look around we begin to feel young - we're right in the middle of gap year land. Ah well... there's ladies to look at :-) We decide we've had enough after a while and decide to find the way home... magic home finding intuition kicks in and we find the place with no problems. We had nothing to worry about :-)

This morning we booked a tour up some rainforest on a cable car and train for tomorrow and decided to go parasailing down by the marina. Much fun.

I'm having great difficulties in convincing myself that's it's winter here!

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