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July 6, 2007


We'd decided to go to Bondai Beach today to look at some surfer chicks.

We got a leaflet with a map of the Bondai area and decided that the way to do this was to get a train to Bondai Junction and the walk to the beach with the aid of the map in the leaflet.

So, we walked to the Central Station and pondered which type of train it was we needed - clearly not a Country Train, hmm... not a State Train... ah... CityRail Sydney's answer to the Underground.

We bought a day return for the pricely sum of $4 (cheap as chips if you ask me)

We arrived at Bondai Junction and then realised we had a problem... our crappy map didn't have where the station was on it... nor did it have the road where the station was... knackers.

Intuition mode kicked in... and we decided to walk down hill... into the sea breeze... how could you go wrong? There was even a sign telling us that the beach was 2km away. Cool.

Unfortnately, this was the only directional sign we saw on our jaunt and we soon came to deadend... cobblers. Not to worry there was a stream... streams flow to the sea... clever thinking, eh...?

We walk more and more using all sorts of logic to get us to the sea.

Ta da... we get to a beach... not the beach, after a quick look at some signage we find were in Double Bay. Streuth. We find the bay on the shit map... ah knackers it's in totally the wrong direction... we work out the basic direction we need to head in and carry on walking until we find a road that's on our map! We soon realise that this map is "not to scale"... and we've walked a long distance, I knew I should have packed my walking boots :-(

Eventually we arrive at the beach. Exciting stuff. Not that many surfer babes. I guess it is winter here...

After a walk around a cliff top walk thing is was time to bring crappy map back out to find the way back to the underground station... we managed to do it quite sucessfully which is cool. So, back to Central Station. I was most disappointed that the ticket machine keeps the tickets when they've been used on the way out of the station. No Sydney CityRail ticket for me then :-(

That's pretty much that for the day - as John fell asleep as soon as we got back (at about 5pm!) and wasn't to be seen again!

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